who is the artist?


who is the artist?

Artist Profile

From an early age I have been very much influenced and inspired, by my varied Asian and African cultural heritage and the artworks created around me. I spent my formative years in southern Africa, under beautiful cloudless blue skies. I remember looking out for the roadside artisans making wonderful wistful creations from copper, recycled tin, wire, tyres and other found objects during long journeys to neighbouring towns. I believe this is why I was drawn to working with metal later down the line.

I spent my teenage years in London and studied my way across the North of England; finally settling in Lancashire. Whilst studying for my degree in Architectural Engineering, I serendipitously undertook a course in metal work and jewellery.  This motivated me to change my career focus following the completion of my degree, to pursue an art based path instead.

My multi-cultural heritage has shaped me as an individual, and in essence,artistically. Whilst designing I aim to draw out the essence of my focus and re-interpret it into my own stylised designs. The artworks that I create are underpinned by the synthesis of art and engineering, combining my varied education with my love of creating something from a spark of an idea.

The Artwork

The main body of my work has predominantly involved using anodised aluminium. I came across anodised aluminium whilst in my final few months of my art course and immediately knew I’d found the material I wanted to work with most. I found that working with anodised aluminium was the perfect medium for merging my love of working with metals as well as enabling me to develop my own surface pattern on each new canvas as a painter does.

When I work with aluminium I feel like an alchemist mixing up special potions to create the perfect colour combination. The process of anodising results in a microscopic surface layer that is receptive to specialist dyes and inks.  When colour is applied to the aluminium it is drawn into the surface layer, which upon sealing becomes embedded into the body of the metal. Unlike patinas or paints (that settle on top of a surface), the anodised surface mirrors the original finish of the metal surface and can even look like it has been enamelled.

The results are always unique and unexpected, producing distinctive motifs, visual texture and an array of artistic expressions.  Together with the versatility of the metal, anodised aluminium enables me to merge art; design and sculpture in creating a variety of intricately designed artworks.

More recently my designs have included working with other complimentary materials including stainless steel, plastics and mosaic work to accent the anodised aluminium by way of contrasting colour, texture or form. Alternatively, I like to combine varying materials that incorporate the principles of design with engineering producing artworks from alluring engineered dragonflies to commemorative sculptures for various communities.

Alongside my commissioned work, I have delivered numerous educational projects within schools, colleges, galleries and community groups to explore various topics through artistic engagement. This is a fabulous way in which to engage with a variety of different audiences whilst expanding their knowledge and creative experience.

Many of my commissioned artworks have featured in an array of interior and exterior locations including traversing hospital corridors, corporate settings, schools and private collections, nationally and internationally. Whether I am creating a new commissioned piece or delivering an engagement workshop I always aim to create works that are robust yet delicate in presence, structured yet creative in form, dynamic in colour, meticulously designed and invariably compelling in their individuality.